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Ambala Full Product List

Ajwa Dates 500g Gift Box

Ajwa Dates 500g Gift Tin

Ambala Mix amb_sv0100

Arabian Garlic Sauce

Assorted Baklawa 2kg Tray amb_sw3000

Assorted Halwa amb_sw4200

Assorted Muscat Halwa amb_sw9100

Assorted Sweets amb_sw0100

Baby Boy 10 Pcs Gift tin

Baby Boy 20 Pcs Gift tin

Baby Boy Gift box

Baby Girl 10 Pcs Gift tin

Baby Girl 20 Pcs Gift tin

Baby Girl Gift box

Badam Barfi amb_sw0300

Baklawa amb_sw3000

Bedana amb_sw6500

Besan Ladoo amb_sw2000

Chamcham amb_sw0800

Chevda amb_sv0300

Chocolate Barfi amb_sw3800

Christmas 20 Pcs Gift Box

Christmas 20 Pcs Gift Tin

Dhalmooth amb_sv0400

Diwali 1kg Gift Box (20 pcs)

Diwali 1kg Gift Tin (20 pcs)

Diwali 550g Gift Box(10pcs)

Diwali 550g Gift Tin (10 pcs)

Eid 1kg Gift Box (20 pcs)

Eid 1kg Gift Tin (20 pcs)

Eid 550g Gift Box(10pcs)

Eid 550g Gift Tin(10pcs)

Engagement 10 Pcs Gift box

Engagement 10 Pcs Gift Tin

Ferrari Chevda amb_sv0800

Fig Halwa amb_sw1200

Fine Sev amb_sv0500

Foil-pack Suter Pheni amb_sw3900

Gaathia amb_sv0600

Gajar Halwa amb_sw1000

Garlic Pickle

Gift Bag

Gold Wrapped Ladoo amb_sw3300

Green Chilli Chutney

Green Chilli Chutney

Green Olive Pickle

Gulab Jamun amb_sw0900

Habshi Halwa amb_sw1100

Habshi Halwa Foilfresh Pack amb_sw5700

Kaju Katri amb_sw1700

Kala Jamun amb_sw1600

Kesar Pak amb_sw1900

Loki Halwa amb_sw1000

Mango Barfi amb_sw3800

Mango Chutney

Mango Chutney

Mango Pickle

Medjoul Dates

Mixed Barfi amb_sw2600

Mixed Pickle

Mothers Day 10 Pcs Gift box

Mothers Day 10 Pcs Gift tin

Motichoor Ladoo amb_sw2100

Pera amb_sw2400

Piri Piri Sauce

Pista Barfi amb_sw0500

Plain Barfi amb_sw0600

Singles Gift Box amb_sw3300

Sohan Halwa Foil-Fresh Pack amb_sw5700

Special Gift 10 Pcs Gift box

Special Gift 10 Pcs Gift Tin

Special Gift 20 Pcs Gift Tin

Special Ladoo amb_sw7100

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Thick Sev amb_sv1200

Urad Ladoo amb_sw5100

Wedding Day 10 Pcs Gift Box

Wedding Day 10 Pcs Gift Tin