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Fine Sev

Fine Sev

A light, crunchy snack made from fine, deep-fried strands of chickpea flour dough.

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Fine Sev Product Details

Sev is a snack that can eaten just about anywhere at anytime. Thin strands of dough made from chickpea flour and deep-fried until they're crispy enough to eat. There's also a thicker version for people who like a chunkier snack. Salt and spices are added at the last moment to give Ambala's Fine Sev its unique, temptingly tasty flavour. Fine Sev can also be used as an ingredient in other dishes, such as fillings for puri's -deep-fried, unleavened bread.

Ambala's Fine Sev is delivered ready to eat. No further preparation or cooking is needed. So why not sample one of the East's greatest savoury snacks for yourself.
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