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Delicious patties of curded milk submerged in a light and creamy sauce. Perfect for summer and a refreshing snack at any time.

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Rasmalai Product Details

Originating from the traditional sweet kitchens of Bengal, you'll find a whole range of delicately balanced flavours waiting to surprise and delight you. Rounded patties of fine milk curd are cooked in syrup to create a unique texture. The finished patties are then immersed in full cream milk and finished with a sprinkle of chopped pistachio nuts. Light, refreshing and truly delicious.

Ambala's Rasmalai are delivered ready to eat. No further preparation or cooking is needed. Rasmalai is best served chilled. So why not sample one of the great sweets of Bengal for yourself. Comes in temperature controlled packaging to retain freshness and quality. The 400g size contains 4 pieces per packet and the 125g size contains a single piece with an easy-peel lid - Perfect for serving as individual desserts on those special occasions.
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