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Habshi Halwa Foilfresh Pack

Habshi Halwa Foilfresh Pack

Enjoy your favourites anytime, anyplace, anywhere

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Habshi Halwa Foilfresh Pack Product Details

Now you can enjoy Ambala's exquisite range of halwas anytime, any place, anywhere with these stunning and convenient foil-fresh packs. Whether you are in the car, or enjoying a day out with the family, these handy-size foil packs are sure to go down well with everyone. The sweets are hygienically and freshly packed and what is even better is that they will stay fresh for over a month (if left unopened) making them ideal for travelling. So why not try Ambala's new 'Sweets on the Go!'. Each foil-pack is sold separately and contains 4 pieces of delicious Habshi Halwa.
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