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Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo

A sweet and nutty flavour that crumbles effortlessly in your mouth

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Besan Ladoo Product Details

Think of the crumbliest, flakiest sweet in the world and you'll be somewhere close to the delicious textures and tastes of Besan Ladoo. The crumbly texture is a result of using gram flour made from highly nutritious chickpeas blended with just the necessary amounts of sugar, clarified butter known as ghee almonds, pistachios and brazil nuts. Rolled into handy, bite-sized balls, Besan Ladoo are great as a snack or as an informal dessert at a dinner or buffet.

Ambala's Besan Ladoo are delivered ready to eat. No further preparation or cooking is needed. So why not sample one of the great sweets of the East for yourself.
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