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Gujrati Chevda

Gujrati Chevda

A spicy and sweet blend of rice, nuts, potato chips and sultanas

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Gujrati Chevda Product Details

There's no mistaking the spicy aroma of Gujrati Chevda. You're bound to keep going back for more of this superb blend of textures and tastes. Flaked rice, peanuts, almonds and cashew nuts give each handful plenty of 'crunch' factor. So do the potato chips that are part of the energy-rich blend. The sweetness comes from generous helpings of sultanas that are part of the recipe too. Serve in a bowl as 'nibbles' at a party or treat yourself straight from the pack.

Ambala's Gujrati Chevda is delivered ready to eat. No further preparation or cooking is needed. So why not sample one of the East's great savoury snacks for yourself.
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