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KalaJamun Gift Jar

KalaJamun Gift Jar

Ambala presents a new range of its traditional sweets in syrup, 100% naturally preserved in a delightful glass jar.

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KalaJamun Gift Jar Product Details

One of North India's favourite desserts, Kalajamun is an irresistible milk curd dumpling immersed in a light syrup. A dark caramelised layer on the outside gives way to a delicious soft-textured succulent spongy filling.

In this exciting and innovative item, Ambala has taken its traditional Kala Jamun and infused it with a new flavour and shape before preserving it 100% naturally in a syrup-filled glass jar.

What is more amazing is that Ambala has developed a natural method of preserving that will keep these Kala Jamuns in perfect condition for over 2 months if left unopened.

Add to this the wonderful new presentation gift box and you can see why this item is proving to be such a popular choice as a gift.

Contains 9 pieces.

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